Speedflex® U self-service

The anti-stress solution for self-service food counters.

Speedflex® U self-service

  • It limits competition for food,

    with each cow having its own place.

  • Its flexibility reduces injuries

    and stress in an often turbulent area!

  • Combined with a step,

    the frequency of the scraper is accentuated and the cowshed is cleaner.


SPEED France is committed to continuous improvement

in performance and quality, without compromising on robustness.

Our products are regularly tested

in real-life situations on pilot farms.


We also work with research institutes

such as INRAE and the Lyon Veterinary School.

A cleaner barn

moins de stress

Cows that are less stressed

Better access to food

Increased production !

Discover the SpeedFlex® range:

high standards at every level

SPEED’s quality commitment

Every step is taken with the greatest of care, the entire company is engaged to ensure the highest quality.

Cutting-edge production process

SpeedFlex® cubicles are manufactured according to strict specifications defined by our R&D department. We use the most recent production process, in line with all current regulations.

Industrial traceability

Each cubicle has a unique serial number. Traceability from production to end-user is guaranteed.

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