Speedflex® flexible cubicles

A complete solution of cubicles that adapt to the size of your herd and the configuration of your building.

A new generation of cubicles

A cutting-edge technology

  • Result of many years of research and development,

    the full sized cubicles ensure a maximum of comfort and safety for the animal.

  • The unique structure of our cubicle

    offers a unique compromise between rigidity and flexibility.

  • An outer skin

    for rigidity and stability


SPEED France is committed to continuous improvement

in performance and quality, without compromising on robustness.

Our products are regularly tested

in real-life situations on pilot farms.


We also work with research institutes

such as INRAE and the Lyon Veterinary School.

Une logette flexible

  • Supple enough

    to provide a maximum of comfort.

  • Rigid enough

    to keep the animal in the stall

  • Your animals lie down easily,

    your animals feel better

  • More comfort, no harmful static energy buildup,

    no pressure points on the animals

  • Reduces injuries

    and vet costs

  • Full sized for increased stability

    and shape memory return

  • Optimise your farm

moins de stress

A cow less stressed

A cow that lies down more

moins de blessures

A cow with fewer injuries

It's a cow that produces more!

Discover the SpeedFlex® range:

high standards at every level

SPEED’s quality commitment

Every step is taken with the greatest of care, the entire company is engaged to ensure the highest quality.

Cutting-edge production process

SpeedFlex® cubicles are manufactured according to strict specifications defined by our R&D department. We use the most recent production process, in line with all current regulations.

Industrial traceability

Each cubicle has a unique serial number. Traceability from production to end-user is guaranteed.

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